8 comments on “Some circa 89 gems

    • ha, i doesnt actually say anything, i did a few peices then that were just shapes and didnt say anything, the one with the bong character on the st. leonards was another one, stoopid right!

  1. Wow..Memories there…Wasn’t that St Leonards Character & the crime quote in a old Time Magazine Article about Sydney writers round then too ?? The Northshore line was so fresh back then…There’s gotta be some more photo’s or sketches floating around somewhere of the early 90’s TPR & earlier Sydney DMA days..The McDonaldtown,Newtown,Redfern & GHOF stuff was on another level too…

  2. yeah true, i’d love to see some pics of under that scout hall in artarmon and the ‘what tha heck’ wall before it was fenced.

  3. You guys sure did !! My old commute was Lindfield to Nth Syd…I was always snapping my neck & barging my way past the private school kids at 8 & 4 to get a clean look at the tracksides as little 14yr old !! That wall with Horse on the roof,Hecks Wall,The Scout hall,St Leonards,Wollo & Waverton…The rattler panels that always put the smell of Tuxan in my head !! & under the bridge back up Artarmon way..Now we are talking a trip back in the day…Were those crazy wall’s in Naremburn School from the PS/Early DMA days ?? I am thinking like 87/88 maybe ?? My memories good but not that good..Someone will know…

  4. Ha yeah now we are going back the peices in naremburn school would be in my first 3 pieces, prins and i did those walls, i have a photo in australia, it would be 86…

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