3 comments on “Havent drawn for a long time…

  1. Loving these sketch book posts…Did you ever keep any of your old black books from back in the day ?? 1 or 2 of what I am pretty sure was yours (judging from the outlines) somehow ended up being passed around our old high school art class back in North Sydney for a class or 2…Page’s n page’s of the maddest TPR era outlines,collages..Our teacher at the time was a full tripper who was always at the parties at the GHOF with Spanno’s..She was into checking out your sketches as much as the crew was !!

  2. ^ damn that would have been a cool class to be in and see those tpr sketches and outlines. Saw alot in the streets and alleys of the Nth shore tho (alot of artarmon and st leonards thru to the city)

    The parties at the GHOF were mental fun, i must have gone to about 20 there over the yrs in the early 90’s. Thanks to Tony for letting the guys graff there and the party heads party there. Good times.

    The graff made it even more fun when tripping and exploring around the place.

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