5 comments on “circa 2000…

  1. These are eternal, nothing in the graffiti world will ever come close to this era of Sydney and your contribution. Godfather shit, I will always salute you brother.. Since the days of Erskineville pcyc when you did my first early sketches. That’s inspiration right there.
    Mad love

    -Hcups one.

  2. True that…and then go back another 15 years before around North Sydney…Pretty sure the first guy’s I saw putting up a proper piece was Dmote & maybe Prins at the Cammeray Scout hall after we whitewalled all the old hits as little cubscouts..I was actually pretty bummed seeing those old hits disappear,but what the boys put up killed it..Mid 80’s styles for miles hehe…I was like 8yrs old soaking up the vapors of the ol duplo touch-up cans as the boys got busy..Remember those mad old Naremburn school walls round then too..

    • wow! you go back! the cammeray scout hall i lived next door to, might be the first attempt i had at a graff adventure, and narumburn school was definatly in the first five peices i ever did…good lookin’

      • Yep…I lived a block a two from there myself back then..Pretty sure a year or 2 later you bombed a fresh tuxan throwy on our perfectly colour matched rattler tuscan red garage door ya bastard !! Begged dad not to scrub it off…Said if we leave it up then toys wouldn’t tag it..Sorta worked till 91 then it capped sideways..Sick place to grow up..A quick bolt across the golf course then the park near the freeway & you were in Nth Syd CBD to go for a skate on the weekends or to jump on the system to any of the lines..Had to watch those vampin C.N.B.H.S boys though on the weekday before & after school..Classic times…From Cammeray to Hunts Point NYC that’s a crazy adventure for you brother !!

  3. tuxans were the shit back then.. Those crazy shoe spray cans, smelt great remind me of laks these days a bit. Yeah I probably recall the lines around St Leonards and Artarmon that dmote and prins and metro and others i cant recall too well now bombed and pieced alot, that ‘what tha heck’ wall and under the scout hall.. Some good times exploring those old track side sheds you guys pieced in a bit was fun too, dma, tpr days, felt good growing up around there then. Thanks for the stuff to look at and marvel at man, appreciate it still to this day, free art wish i’d taken pics of it all now tho! Peace out.

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